Win CU Users w/wo.34b software

Dave Easton (
Wed, 22 Mar 1995 17:33:42 -0500


For those using Win Cu-SeeMe with WO.34b4 software -

Just a reminder: I have made a "Reflector automatic dial list"
for Windows Recorder. With this you can just double click on the
Reflector NAME from a list and Recorder will "dial" the Reflector for you.
I have the recorder file available via FTP.

I went through and cleaned up the previous one, removed the line numbers,
and added the two new LUND reflectors and todays post with AU reflectors.

If you're interested: "" and go to "users", "d", and
"davie". There, you will find the Recorder file, "1.rec", and "cu_dial.txt"
with further info on setup, etc.

Regards, Dave in Phoenix