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Wed, 22 Mar 1995 23:13:41 -0500

On Wed, 22 Mar 1995, Arvell Hairston wrote:

> Anyone with a media vision board should send email to jim patton at
> and tell him you would like tech support to help in
> resolving the inverted video image that is produced with cuseeme when using
> media vision capture cards. I believe we have media visions attention now
> that I let them know I would bad mouth their stuff over the internet if
> they didnt get off their butts.
To clarify:

As was discussed a couple of weeks ago, the problem more properly
involved a palette inversion that resulted in a "negative" or
inverse-shaded image. There was some talk about a legendary and
mythical driver which produced an upside-down image, and while believe
me, I'd love to have seen it, this wasn't the case. The word most
commonly used to describe the image was "negative," which should go a
long way toward getting everyone to understand what the problem was
and hopefully lead us to a solution sometime before the card is
totally obsolete...


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I have heard of CU-SEEME software and having found this address, I'm hoping
this is a source for information about it. Can you send or direct me to
pricing and hardware / network requirements?
Thanks in advance, - Tom Dyson