Look at the lobster

Borre Ludvigsen (borrel@hiof.no)
Wed, 22 Mar 1995 15:46:36 -0500

2 years back a group of my multimedia students took one of those skeletal
models of animals made of plywood (a lobster I had bought at the
educational toy store on Harvard Square during a visit to the US), built
a double scale model painted red, made an animated replica on their Macs
and used them as a "mascot" in their stand at the annual software
exhibition in Oslo.

The model been hanging in the ceiling in their lab ever since and the other
day, someone, somewhere in this world, moved our remote-controlled
CU-SeeMe camera a bit too far to the right. So we decided to try to make
that the camera's "home" position.

That's what you see in the "mm94@hiof.no" CU-SeeMe window at the reflector. mm94 is the class, hiof is Norwegian for Ostfold
Regional College and no is Norway. And, yes, that is the email address to
that class of students. And the URL in the bottom of the window does
allow you to run the camera. But please be kind _and_ patient. You might
be sharing it with someone else. (Anyone want to do the AppleScript code
to restrict usage to one IP address for 5 minutes?)

Just in case you were wondering what it all was.

- Barre Ludvigsen