RE: Price Drop, BG Camera

Steve Loboyko (
Thu, 23 Mar 1995 15:32:00 -0500

RE: Price Drop, BG Camera

Some time ago I posted about a $90.00 black and white camera, with AC
adapter, available from BG Micro. They are now also selling them at 5 pcs
for $400.00. This, combined with CU, might be a pretty cheap way for a
school to get into LAN/Internet conferencing, especially if you get the
$59.95 Pro Movie Spectrum board from Surplus Software (for PC's).

If you don't have access to my previous posts, _please_ note the following
problems / limitations with this equipment:

1. The camera may have a "funny" spectral response to colors (no infrared
filter), which some might object to; I personally feel that it is ok at this
price, and it is still quite usable. I put hook/loop (Vel*ro) on my monitor
and camera. The monitor has tilt/swivel, and this works well as a "tripod".

2. The PMS driver is defective, causing CU to display a "negative"; CU
developers are looking into the problem and (_so I have heard!_) have a new
codec that wil support the board properly in the next release; Also,
MediaVision may be supplying additional support to solve this problem with
their own driver.

3. These are both surplus items and may not be available forever; don't
expect support on the PMS board for Windows 95,or Windows NT, for example,
as MediaVision has discontinued their video products and has clearly stated
that there will be no further development on them.

I post this only because I look for good deals and will share them with
others; I have no connection to or financial interest in any company
mentioned. However, I have dealt with both companies, BG for 10 + years, and
Surplus for about a year, and both are reputable.

BG Micro:

1-800-276-2208 (orders, CCard)
(214) 271-5546 (int)
F: (214)-271-2462

Surplus Software:

1-800-753-7877 (orders, CCard)
(503) 386-1375 (int)
F: (503)-386-4227


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