FAQ: UNsubscribe (ReadMe for UnSubscribe Info!)

Albert Foo (albert@more.net)
Fri, 24 Mar 1995 00:17:11 -0500

Wed, 22 Mar 1995, MERTEN@pcrhein.mikro.uni-stuttgart.de wrote:
>Please remove me from your list.

Wed, 22 Mar 1995, Robert McDowell <mcdowel@primenet.com> wrote:
>Please, please, please, remove me from your list.

On Wed, 22 Mar 1995, hart@indy.net wrote:
>Please remove me from the mailing list.

Hello people! What is wrong here? You can do CUSeeMe yet can't unsubscribe
thyself from this mailing list? Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! You should have read the
info from the CUSeeMe mail server when you subscribe to this mailing list.
If not, here it is again:

Dear user,

your request


has been successfully processed.

Welcome to list CU-SEEME-L (CU-SEEME-L@cornell.edu). The system has recorded
your address as


and it is required that you send your postings from that address, unless the
list does not require subscription for posting.

The list's owners are r.cogger@cornell.edu .

You should contact them if there are any problems.

Please do not send requests to this list; instead direct them to:



So, there you go! Send your unsubscribe message to LISTPROC@CORNELL.EDU.

Put a one line statement in the message area as:


Simple isn't it? :-) Now, back to our regularly scheduled program...

Albert Foo (albert@more.net)
Missouri Research and Education Network
University of Missouri - Columbia