latest version of software for windows

graham cripps (
Fri, 24 Mar 1995 02:10:00 -0500

dear sirs,

first of all -I LOVE YOUR SOFTWARE.

CU-SEEME is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I subscribed way back in October of 94 but had to move my physical address.
At the same time my service provider grew in size and also moved. I have
recently got reorganized and back on the internet and my first task was to
see if I had any mail. Alas no !

Q1: have you modified your address, or have I been removed from the
subscribe list ?

I thought I would check to see what the latest version of cu-seeme was.
My last version was v0.34b for PC-Windows.
To my surprize I saw v0.65 but could not download because of a password
I read the text file and it said that password was for beta-testers only and
that you had enough but if I really wanted I could insist on being involved.
Q2: May I continue being involved ?

I am currently planning on getting at least an ISDN line, my provider now
offers 128Kbps, and am looking into getting my own server with the purpose
of using it exclusively for video-conferencing on the net (as a private
reflector - ambitious eh! ).

please respond : All the best for continued growth .

ps: If I can make a financial contribution to the development of your
software in any way let me know to who I do so.