CUSM user running Windows NT 3.5 - Help needed

Alain Caillet (acaillet@dow.on.doe.CA)
Fri, 24 Mar 1995 08:07:56 -0500

I just switch to Windows NT 3.5 with the idea off solving some
nagging problem with WFW 3.11 that is 32bfa, 32bda, crash etc ..

I am facing a new one now with Windows NT. The serial ports
built in on the Pentium mother board are available to me but not
the COM3 on my internal modem which I used for the PPP link,
and CU and other Net Apps.

The (3) port does not show in the Main/Control Panel/Port menu.
How do you make NT "sniff" it ?

Reply directly. Thanks. Alain

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