Performa/Quadra 630 digitizer support coming soon?

Christopher Davis (
Fri, 24 Mar 1995 13:47:49 -0500

Please tell me this is the next thing on the Mac developers' agenda! The
Performa 638 (which includes the video digitizer board as well as a TV
tuner :-) is now about $2K, and makes a nifty home machine for your
non-technical parents. [Disclaimer: I just helped get one for my dad, but
I don't own any Apple stock or anything like that ;]

Since both serial ports are in use (StyleWriter, modem) and he already
*has* a camcorder, I'd love to get him set up to send CU-SeeMe video
without having to get a QuickCam.

I tried 0.80b2 and it didn't let me try to send video, so I figure it
didn't see a suitable digitizer (since the 630's video setup is not the
same as the AV machines).

Any plans for support for this?

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