FLASH: Windows 95 Preview Program Ships

Lenny Sawyer (pssawyer@cotton.vislab.olemiss.edu)
Fri, 24 Mar 1995 23:10:34 -0500

Incase anyone is interested the new version of Windows is out from Mircosoft
in a pre release form. Look at the message below...
Lenny Sawyer

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>Subject: FLASH: Windows 95 Preview Program Ships
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>Dear WINNEWS subscriber,
>With all you've read and heard about Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 95,
>we hope you've learned that Windows 95 will help
>organizations lower their PC support burden, provide more
>control over the desktop, and make users more productive.
>So how can you prepare to put Windows 95 to work in your
>organization? First continue to read WINNEWS for the
>latest Windows 95 information. Additionally, we are
>making some units of the Windows 95 Preview Program
>available for those customers trying to prepare their
>organizations for the migration to Windows 95. Since the
>Preview Program kit includes pre-release software it is
>meant for computing and IS professionals. Nevertheless we
>anticipate greater demand for this program than we will be
>able to accommodate. So for those people unable to obtain
>a copy we apologize in advance and will keep you up to
>date on the latest information via WINNEWS.
>Participants in the Windows 95 Preview Program, will
>* A prerelease version of Windows 95 along with
> information to evaluate the product and plan your
> migration. For example, the Windows 95 Feature
> Review will familiarize you with all the new product
> features, and the Corporate Deployment Guide shows
> you how to put them to work in your organization.
> Use the Demonstration Kit presentation and materials
> to show management why the migration makes good
> business sense. The Windows Resource Kit lists tools
> you need to train yourself and others, and the
> WINNEWS on-line service will help you stay up to date
> with the latest developments.
>To get local pricing information and enroll in the Windows
>95 Preview Program please call the phone number below that
>is applicable for your country. Note that orders can only
>be placed in the country you are located in. So for
>example if you reside in the United Kingdom you must call
>the number in the United Kingdom and cannot order a unit
>from the United States. Review the terms and conditions
>below to make sure this program is right for you.
>Jay Goldstein, (jaygo@microsoft.com)
>WinNews Editor
>Windows 95 Preview Program Terms and Conditions:
>Since the Preview Program contains prerelease software and
>is not returnable, there are several points you should be
>aware of before ordering:
>* System Requirements: Windows 95 requires a minimum of a
>386DX with 4 MB of RAM.
>* License: The Preview Program's license enables you to
>use this software until one month after the final product
>becomes available in stores. Only the registered Preview
>Program participant is eligible for support.
>* Support: Limited technical support will be provided for
>the duration of the Preview Program, and will be
>discontinued at the time your license expires. Since the
>support staff will be ramping up for retail availability
>of Windows 95, the response times may be longer than
>* Warranty: Since this is prerelease software, there is
>no warranty associated with it, and Microsoft cannot be
>held responsible for any problems resulting from the use
>of this product.
>* Lifetime: The prerelease Windows 95 software has a
>limited lifetime and will expire approximately one year
>after the final product becomes available. The exact date
>and details will be provided with your Preview Program
>* No Discount: The price of the Preview Program Kit
>covers the costs of the materials, implementation and
>support for this program, and cannot be applied towards
>the purchase of the final released product.
>* Recommended Use: Since this is prerelease software, we
>recommend using it on a secondary machine. Or, if you
>plan to use it on your primary machine, we recommend
>backing up all of your existing data.
>Order Information:
>Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery upon receipt of
>order by Microsoft.
>Windows Preview Program Phone Numbers
>Country Phone Number
>Argentina (54-1) 814-0356
>Australia 008 062 062
>Austria 0660/6520
>Belgium 32(0)2 7303911
>Brazil 55-11-871 0090
>Canada 1-800-95Preview
>Caribbean/PR and Central (809)273-3636
>Chile (56)-(2)218-5771
>Colombia (571) 6182255
>Czech and Slov 089-3176-1199
>Denmark 44-89 01 37
>Ecuador (593)(2)460-453/458
>Finland 052-550 26
>France (1).
>Germany 089-3176-1199
>Greece 01 - 68 06 775 through
> 01- 68 06 779
>Hong Kong 852-2-804-4234
>Hungary (36)(1)268-1668
>Italy (0039) 2 7039 8359 -
> (0039) 144001999
>Japan (81)(3)5454-800
>Korea 02-703-0153, 02-501-
> 8477
>Malaysia (603)230-0299
>Mexico (525)325-0911
>Middle East (971)(4)513-888
>Netherlands 31(0)2503 77700
>New Zealand 64 9 308 9318
>Norway 22-02 25 80
>Peru (5114)421 1200
>Poland (48)(2)6615-433
>Portugal (351) 1 - 4409200
>ROCE (49) 89-3176-1199
>Russia (07)(502)224-5046
>Singapore (65)227-6833
>South Africa (27)-11-445-0145
>Spain +34 1 803 99 60
>Sweden 08-752 56 30
>Switzerland 155 59 00
>Taiwan 886-2-5087149
>Thailand (662)266-3300(-9)
>Turkey/N.A. 011-90-212-258-5998
>UK 0181-943-1133
>Uruguay (54-1) 814-0356
>US 1-800-95Preview
>Venezuela 58-2-913342
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