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After a few fits and starts and some reorganization, I'm happy to
announce that the CU-SeeMe Consortium is alive and well and
growing. What, you may ask, is the CU-SeeMe Consortium? and how
can I join??

The Cornell CU-SeeMe Consortium is a broad-based affiliates
program that provides resources to the CU-SeeMe project
to research, develop and deliver innovative solutions
for real-time multiparty videoconferencing on the Internet
and to improve communication and technology transfer between
Consortium members. The Consortium will...

- - -> Foster professional collaboration between the CU-SeeMe
developers and Consortium members
- - -> Provide an open forum for discussion of issues affecting rapid
deployment of affordable desktop conferencing
software on the Internet
- - -> Support widespread user experience to generate
knowledge useful in creating the next generation of
network infrastructure
- - -> Lead a network-based social experiment of global proportions
reaching into education, telemedicine, business,
and disenfranchised populations, potentially
changing the way "business as usual" is carried out

Membership is open to all organizations with an interest in
affordable, real-time conferencing technologies on the Internet. To
join, a member must sign a cooperative agreement and contribute to
the CU-SeeMe Consortium.

The Consortium will be announcing its founding members in a press
release at I+N and during the BOF. If you wish to join, please
contact Martyne Hallgren at


Martyne M. Hallgren
Cornell University phone: 607-254-8324
33 Thornwood, Suite 500 fax: 607-255-8169
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