Radio Shack PZM Microphone

Steve Loboyko (
Sun, 26 Mar 1995 01:11:22 -0500

I just thought I'd mention that I got this microphone (not cheap, $60) and
like it. It is a privately labelled Crown. It uses a different, patented
principle to convert sound waves to electrical energy. It is very similar to
microphones used in expensive videoconferencing rooms. Everyone near it
really sounds as though they are miked, and also it doesn't look like a
microphone, so people who are mike-shy aren't intimidated by it much.

But note:

1. This is one of those mikes that uses a little, long-lived battery;

2. This mike had too low of an output on my Soundblaster Pro (a common
complaint with mikes of this type (see 1) on the SB, SB Pro and older sound
boards; newer designs don't have this problem).

3. The mike is omnidirectional, not a good characteristic for
videoconferencing, however, this can be changed to your taste by baffling.

A guy I work with who was a commercial videoconferencing room wizard said
that its quality compared favorably with $200+ Shure Brothers mikes...

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