Re: QuickCam is screwing up

Pete Kuba (
Sun, 26 Mar 1995 21:44:37 -0500

At 2:03 PM 3/26/95, David Winet wrote:
>Dear Michael and all CU-SeeMe'ers,
>I just got a Performa 600.
>The 'sound alerts' (quacking, beeping, etc.) in Sound control work fine,
>UNTIL I run QuickCam.
>Then they don't; or rather I can hear them VERY faintly IF I use my

I used to use a Performa 600, and had similar problems. <Seemingly> random
sound dropouts would occur, and I was never able to replicate the problem
(some apps did it more than others, but not all the time). Once the
problem happened for a particular computer session, the only way to get
sound back was to reboot.

I suspected that the problem might have been SoundManager 3.0, since before
I installed it I never noticed the problem. I didn't really spend a lot of
time on the bug, so this is just speculation.

Anyway, I've since purchased a PowerMac, so I don't think about the problem
anymore. Thanks for the memories, though.