Re: CU-SeeMe equivalent of _TV Guide_?

Preston Holmes (
Mon, 27 Mar 1995 18:34:06 -0500

At 11:03 AM 3/27/95, David W. Talmage wrote:
>[Once upon a time, I asked for this information and got a few pointers to
>CU-SeeMe events but no one answered my question exactly.]
>Are there any directories of upcoming CU-SeeMe events? The MBONE people
>have "sd", the session directory program. I wish we had something like it.
>For CU-SeeMe, all I've been able to find is Mr. Sattler's list of
>reflectors. That's not enough. It tells me where the reflectors are but
>not what's playing on them.
>David Talmage

This would be easy enough to do on a Web site. If somebody wants to give
me an extra Mac I'd be happy to set it up (along with a dozen other cool
things I'd like to do if I could set up a MacHTTP server of my own) ;-)

People could just fill in forms when they have an event and look at or
query the database ala for TV listings.


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