Re: Maybe this will work

John Carey (
Tue, 28 Mar 1995 06:09:46 -0500


>After trying numerous times to be removed from this list, I have been
>quite unsuccessfull. So, I have an idea on how to get "kicked" off.

>Let me off of thi FUCKING list.

>Sorry for the profanity, but enough is enough.

That won't work. This is an automated list server and profanity doesn't
bother it a bit. It may bother the other subscribers though and as such is
rude, thoughtless and self-centered. To unsubscribe, and I quote from their
subscription confirmation message (which you probably deleted):

> To leave the list at any time, send the command

> to (DON'T send it to the list itself!)

Whatever you send to the list itself will just be distributed to all of us who
aren't particularly interested in your frustration since it obviously stems
from not reading the instructions.