MediaVision to fix Promovie IF Demand is there!
Fri, 17 Mar 95 16:31:12 EST

I've attached the following comment from mediavision tech support.
PLEASE reply to! I think the fix for the drivers
should be fairly simple and all this guy needs is a bunch of us to
scream! Please post this EVERYWHERE you think is appropriate to build
up the number of respondents.




As an update, I am asking all people interested in Cuseeme, and are
having problems using this application with either the Prov Movie
Spectrum or Pro Movie Studio, to respond to this E-mail.

We are trying to get an idea how many people are using this product,
and the type of problems encountered. This information will allow me
to provide justification for additional support.

I have talked with Developer Relations, and our Engineering Staff. If
I can show that there is interest in this program, and there is a
rather large following requesting support, we will provide the
necessary resources to resolve this issue.

Please respond ASAP, and pass the word to other Cuseeme users, at: Attn: JP/Cuseeme Support Request