Re: CU-SeeMe equivalent of _TV Guide_?

Timothy Mulkey (
Wed, 29 Mar 1995 12:29:47 EST


There is a list for events which was started several months ago. It has
several hundred subscribers but is not very active. The archive of the list
is available via the web. You may have ran across this archive if you have
explored Michael Sattler's web pages; you can directly access the archive
with the web link:

Events which have appeared on the developer's list are also included in the
event's archive listing. The events listserver was started to help promote
and advertise Internet-wide CU-SeeMe events. But there are not a large
number of Internet-wide events at this point and most events occur with very
short notice. I am confident that as a greater number of events are
scheduled (or announced), Michael Sattler's web pages, the new Cornell
CU-SeeMe home page, or others will provide such information via web listings.

As a point of information, the developer's list as well as the reflector
operator's lists are also archived from the same page. This archive area
provides a pseudo-newsgroup for persons who do not wish to receive the
normal listserver stream of messages from the various lists..

Michael's web pages (CU-SeeMe info begins at:

or )

includes information concerning the developer's list, events list and
reflector list (including how to subscribe, unsubscribe and send messages to
the lists.)

Tim Mulkey
Indiana State University