Software Allows Videoconferences On Internet 03/31/95

Jack Nguyen (
Thu, 30 Mar 1995 22:56:00 -0600


I just ran across this article from Newsbyte:

"Future Communications Systems Inc., has announced VideoVu,
personal computer software for Microsoft Windows that can
transmit live video over the Internet (or through an ordinary
modem connection).

The $59 software will work with a video camera hooked up to a
personal computer to transmit a video signal over the Internet at
five to 15 frames-per-second (fps. For a one-way
videoconference, the receiving end needs only the software.

The software can handle one-way or two-way video transmission,
over the Internet or over ordinary analog telephone lines,
according to the company. At present, VideoVu only supports
point-to-point connections, but Future Communications is working
on the capability to handle multi-point connections.

Besides live videoconferencing, VideoVu can also be used to send
other video signals, such as output from a videocassette recorder
or digitized video, Fox said.

To set up a videoconference over the Internet, a VideoVu user
enters the IP (Internet Protocol) address of the person he or she
wants to reach and the connection is established.

The software works with more than 25 different video-capture
boards, according to Future Communications, and Fox said the
full-color video window on the computer screen can be stretched
to any size the user wants.

Future Communications, a seven-year-old software developer and
publisher of computer-related books and catalogs, is currently
selling VideoVu direct but has had a number of inquiries from
dealers interested in carrying the product, Fox said.

(Grant Buckler/19950331/Press Contact: Martin Fox, Future
Communications Systems, 516-496-7121; Public Contact:
Future Communications Systems, 516-496-7121)"

Has anyone try this out yet?



Jack Nguyen