Joyce Y. Wong (
Fri, 31 Mar 1995 09:53:35 -0800 (PST)


Is there anyone that can help me with this Macintosh compatibility

Bottom line: I am having problems in one direction between two Macs.
One Mac is Performa636 at UCSB running on broadband T2 connection on
connection. The other is in Israel at the Weizmann institute where there
is also a direct link to the Internet, but I am not sure how. The other
Mac can be either a Mac IIci, Quadra 610, Quadra 650, or Power Mac
8100/100. Both sides are using QuickCam.

The Performa at UCSB can see and hear perfectly well. The problem is
that the other machine cannot hear or see very well.

I have been told several suggestions by the developer.
(1) Use the stop sign to pause video so audio will be clearer.
(2) Close all other windows and applications.
(3) Turn off Speech Recognition and Turn Sound sampling down to minimum.

OK, also now I connected to another person in Italy, and the audio is
still not

Any suggestions????? Help!!! Please respond to


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