CU-SeeMe Induced Crashes

Joseph M. Izen (
Fri, 31 Mar 1995 14:24:59 -0600

Mac 7100AV Sys 7.5.1 40MB ram. CU-SeeMe.ppc.0.80b2
Quickcam software 1.0.2a

(All the most current)

I am experiencing intermittant crashes, say every couple of hours. I have to hit the programmer button to reboot. When my Mac comes back up, my PRAM is zapped. I have to reset my network, date, and monitor control panels.

Apple's 800 # help insisted that I must have and extension conflict.

I have turned off ALL my extensions using extension manager, (system 7.5 only) and then turned ~QuickCamMic and ~QuickCamVideo back on. It has crashed three times under these conditions in the past day.

Connectix claims that they are aware of no such problems, and their extensions are OK. Could there be a problem with CU-SeeMe? Has anyone else experienced this? Would the 68K version be more stable on my ppc?

Thanks for any help, advice, shared comiseration, etc. -Joe Izen