Re: The So-Called "Pornographic" Issue

Jonathan Day (
Fri, 01 Mar 1996 14:00:15 +0000

Steve Laner wrote:
> RhS: Very well said. One would think that the general public would realize
> these things. Unfortunately, they apparently have learned nothing from history.
> After all, if you wish to take away a people's rights, you don't do it in one
> fell-swoop, but rather a little bit at a time and let it snowball.

Likewise, if you genuinely want to design a law which helps people, you don't make
a drastic change, but work stepwise until a balance point is reached.

Fighting is simply going to harden attitudes in both camps. If instead of slagging
each other off, the two camps got together and agreed on a compromise which defended
people's right of expression, whilst defending people's right to choose what to see,
the problem would be solved. This issue won't be decided by the camp that shouts

Problem is, the citizens of the US are paranoid about their Government and, likewise,
the US Govt is terrified of the people it is supposed to be governing.