Re: cu-seeme newsgroup?

Bill Neisius (
Fri, 1 Mar 1996 06:39:38 -0800 (PST)

> SURPRISINGLY there is NO newsgroup relating to CUSeeMe, which I consider a
> real pity! Maybe we should START one!
> Well, I understand that there is ONE. It is called Hmmm, I
> don't know if that is what you had in mind! :)

Actually, there is another group for discussion of CU-SeeMe and
related issues:


When the creation of a newgroup was discussed back in November,
an 'alt.' type group would be simple to create, but would not
propagate to all the sites; a 'comp.' type group would proably
be received by all sites soon after its creation, but would
take several months to setup...

Comp.dcom.videoconf carries a low-level of CU-SeeMe messages right
now; topics generally include 'room-based videoconferencing systems';
but it's probably better to stick with the existing newsgroup...

Bill Neisius