Reflector and BCC problems under Solaris 2.4

Mark Thacker, Internet Specialist (
Fri, 01 Mar 1996 10:04:11 -0600

Well, if you have been following this list, you know that
we were going to try and have a live surgery broadcast
today, however, this didn't happen due to inconsistent
problems I had with both the CU-SeeMe client for Mac as
well as the CU-SeeMe Reflector.

I wanted to take one video/audio broadcast from a
Mac (running PowerMac 0.83b3), send it to one reflector
(running Cornell supplied 4.00b3 on Solaris 2.4) and have
mutliple people connect in 'listen/view only' mode.
Several good possibilities were suggested, including using
the BCC commands to send the stream to a second reflector.

Here is a breakdown:

Reflector 1 : admit-bcc-client reflector2.xx.xx.xx
Reflector 2 : obtain-bcc reflector1.xx.xx.xx
Refmon shows the client, bcc-client on Ref #1 and client +
bcc-server on Ref #2.
* can not connect from client. No reflector message, just
* no response! As if the reflector were not running.

Reflector 1 : admit-general-bcc 3 0
Reflector 2 : obtain-general-bcc reflector1.xx.xx.xx
(both with and without No-Local-Senders)
Refmon shows all connected clients on both machines
* connection takes, but video window only updates once,
* zero fram rates afterwards. Curiously, the remote
* client sender actually shows 0 frame rate for it's
* outgoing signal ! But only if someone connects
* to the server. If no one connects, it sends about 10fps
* all day long!

(also tried all of the above with the -broadcast option,
but it did not work any better)

So, anyone have any clues? I am using the Cornell supplied
Solaris 4.00b3 reflector. I have not had an opportunity to
try this on a SunOS or other platform machine because I
don't have them handly available.

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