Re: Video NV

Brian O'Shea (
Fri, 01 Mar 1996 11:02:52 -0500

>We are trying to send a unicast-video signal from a Sun SparcStation 5
>(Solaris 2.4), with nv, to a reflector (version 400-B3) located on another SparcStation (Solaris 2.4 too).
>Though we can hear the sound on a Macintosh Cu-See-Me client (version 083B3),
>we cannot catch the video signal ("No video")...

You may not have NV configured properly. Here's the NV section of my
.Xresources file:

! NV stuff
Nv.encoding: cuseeme
Nv.recvColor: grey
Nv.xmitColor: grey
Nv.xmitSize: small

There are equivalent command line options, read the man page.

>Here is the reflector configuration file:
>VAT-UC-PORT 44440
>NV-UC-PORT 4444
>VAT-CONF-ID 51002

This looks fine, it ought to work.


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