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Fri, 1 Mar 1996 09:52:09 -0700

SFO DJS 96/03/01 09.47

First of all, I agree with the initial speaker. I haven't seen anybody
violate any stated policy. I am surprised that more reflectors don't STATE
their policy via a login screen!

As for Brian's "deny" suggestion, well, I would guess that many would-be
violators are now on dynamically assigned IPs, and therefore the 'deny'
command is not going to be very effective.

I guess we are going to need a 'vchip' for CUSeeMe pretty soon! ;)


At 10:55 AM 3/1/96, Brian O'Shea wrote:
>>Another thing I have seen reflectors admin's do (besides making a reflector
>>private) is to simply put a statement on the reflector's MOTD along the lines
>>of, "This site Rated-G, NO CUSEEME-SEX!". I could be wrong about the
>>effectiveness of this, but I have never seen any CUSeeMe-Sex on sites that
>>have such statements. I have also seen sites say, "No Nudity during the
>>hours of __ am to __ pm", and I have yet to see that violated either.
>Probably because the offenders have already been added to the list of IP
>addresses that are DENIED access, using the reflector DENY statement.
>DENY Because you did not respect our G Rating, you are DENIED access.
>If you put that statement in your reflect.conf, then whenever tries to
>connect to the reflector, it receives that message, and is disconnected.
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