Re: Reflector and BCC problems under Solaris 2.4

Brian O'Shea (
Fri, 01 Mar 1996 13:39:45 -0500

>Here is a breakdown:
>Reflector 1 : admit-bcc-client reflector2.xx.xx.xx
>Reflector 2 : obtain-bcc reflector1.xx.xx.xx
>Refmon shows the client, bcc-client on Ref #1 and client +
>bcc-server on Ref #2.
>* can not connect from client. No reflector message, just
>* no response! As if the reflector were not running.
>Reflector 1 : admit-general-bcc 3 0
>Reflector 2 : obtain-general-bcc reflector1.xx.xx.xx
> (both with and without No-Local-Senders)
>Refmon shows all connected clients on both machines
>* connection takes, but video window only updates once,
>* zero fram rates afterwards. Curiously, the remote
>* client sender actually shows 0 frame rate for it's
>* outgoing signal ! But only if someone connects
>* to the server. If no one connects, it sends about 10fps
>* all day long!
>(also tried all of the above with the -broadcast option,
>but it did not work any better)
>So, anyone have any clues? I am using the Cornell supplied
>Solaris 4.00b3 reflector. I have not had an opportunity to
>try this on a SunOS or other platform machine because I
>don't have them handly available.


Were you transmitting color? The 4.0B3 reflector is color blind. If you have
our latest PC software with a color capture card, you have to transmit
greyscale through a 4.0B3 reflector.

If you weren't sending color, then there must be bugs in 4.0B3, since it looks
like you did everything correctly. I helped setup a conference last night just
like what you were trying.

Primary reflector, Solaris 5.4.


Primary eflector was started with -broadcast switch.

Secondary reflectors, 3 SunOS, 1 solaris.


And it all worked just fine. This is with the latest Beta version of the


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