help please for QuickCam and LPT1 port !

Daniel Lalune (
Fri, 1 Mar 1996 22:35:20 +0100


I have just bought a wondefull QuickCam for windows this afternoon !

I was very happy until I see the following message :

"QuickCam not found on any LPT port !
Do you wish to continue ?"

when I launch the QuickPick program !!!!

How disappointed am I !!

I re-installed the software, chexk again all the connexions, cables, but I
can not found anything explainig why it is not working.

I have re-tested the parallel port, which is LPT1, it works ok with my laser

I have only one // port (LPT1).

When launch QuickPict and I go in the Help about I can see :
QuickCam Connexion : LPT1, bidirectional.

Do you think that it means it recognize the LPT1 port, which is in reality a
bidirectional port ?

That means also that the QuickCam is not working due to a bad camera ?

My camera has a number LKD2101B, which is on a little stamp near the cable

My machine is a Pentium P90, with Windows 3.11, with 32 Mo, memory 116 127
Ko free.

QuickCam software is QuickPict for QuickCam version 1.1.

The Windeo for Windows is working ok. I have also tested with the Quickmovie
program, in playback mode of course.

Do you think I need to change back my QuickCam for a new one ?

Many thanks for your help,

Daniel Lalune

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