Re: Initial Questions--Here are some answers

U2 (
Fri, 1 Mar 96 15:34:33 -0500

>Killeen, Texas. I have version ppc.0.80b2, and have been trying to
>vconference, but without much success. My questions:

You did not mention which machine you are using. That will help in
finding out what is wrong with your audio.

>1. I tried to apply version 0.83b3 (PPC).bin, but could not, even when using
>Simple Text.

What do you mean "apply" the new version? Did you debinhex the program?
If not, use something like StuffIt Extractor or BinHex 5.0. You will get
a complete application. This is not a patcher/updater.

>a. Is this the latest version, and what can I do to launch it?

Yes [unfortunately] this is the latest version.

>b. Is there a more recent, enhanced version that is available? If there is ,
>is it free for schools?

[back to my "unfortunately" comment] The enhanced version is currently
only for the PC. The folks at White Pine say that "platform required the
most attention" because "are the dominant
factor in the market" [which is true-as a business they need make money]
so they are focusing their efforts in that direction. I have not heard
from anyone who can tell me an eta on the enhanced macintosh version
[even if a beta is available].

>2. The schools with whom I try to vconference are not able to hear my audio.
>Video is fine, but no sound. Under Conference I open up the Audio Window. In
>the Audio Window there are four boxes: Push To Talk, Send, Rec , and
>Lurkers. There is also a michrophone and monitor icon. But, I don't know
>what I'm supposed to push in order to talk. Nor do I know which box I'm
>supposed to put an "x", or should I put an "x" in all of them? And I have no
>idea what "Lurkers" means. I've put x's in varions combinations, but nothing
>seems to be the right combination.

If you click on Push to Talk and they do not get audio from you, it may
be that you have a slow machine. Let me know which macintosh model you

Ulan King