Re: What can we do about the porn?

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Fri, 01 Mar 1996 22:58:28 -0600

>Date: Thu, 29 Feb 1996 14:50:18 -0600
>From: Steve Laner <>
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>Subject: Re: What can we do about the porn?
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>Another thing I have seen reflectors admin's do (besides making a reflector
>private) is to simply put a statement on the reflector's MOTD along the lines
>of, "This site Rated-G, NO CUSEEME-SEX!". I could be wrong about the
>effectiveness of this, but I have never seen any CUSeeMe-Sex on sites that
>have such statements. I have also seen sites say, "No Nudity during the
>hours of __ am to __ pm", and I have yet to see that violated either.

It happens all the time, Steve, but it's not just the video they are sending
that people are complaining about. Some people use nicknames in CU like
Holden McGroin, Heywood Jablowme, Seeme Naked, and other such childishness.
These kind of people think they are doing nothing wrong by joining a G-Rated
public reflector. In my IRC channel, we ask them to change their nick, and
if they don't, they're kicked out by a channel operator. If they insist on
rejoining with an offensive nick, they get banned.

Reflectors need similar capabilities. Kicking can be done through a telnet
session, but we are already short on screen space, and there is some lag
(time delay) in telnet when CU is running. As far as I know, bans (DENY
ip.ip.ip.ip) must be done in the reflect.conf file, and the ref has to be
restarted to put it into effect. I've been told that White Pines is looking
into some of the features of the better IRC clients, and I hope they add
some of these capabilities to the client side of CU.

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