Re: The So-Called "Pornographic" Issue

John Osborne (
Sat, 02 Mar 1996 16:22:12 +1000

My comments are prefixed with *** below.

Jonathan Day wrote:
> Steve Laner wrote:
> >
> > RhS: Very well said. One would think that the general public would realize
> > these things. Unfortunately, they apparently have learned nothing from history.
> > After all, if you wish to take away a people's rights, you don't do it in one
> > fell-swoop, but rather a little bit at a time and let it snowball.
> >*** absolutely.
> Likewise, if you genuinely want to design a law which helps people, you don't make
> a drastic change, but work stepwise until a balance point is reached.*** A law that "helps" people. the CDA perhaps? <urk> Neither I
*** nor my kids either need or want -that- kind of help. I have all the help I
*** need with various 'close' buttons, and having raised my kids such that sex
*** is not some mysterious forbidden thing that you're not supposed to talk about.
*** As a consequence, they have little interest in all the so-called cybersex
*** available, but do have some difficulty understanding adults (in age only)
*** that do.
> Fighting is simply going to harden attitudes in both camps. If instead of slagging
> each other off, the two camps got together and agreed on a compromise which defended
> people's right of expression, whilst defending people's right to choose what to see,
> the problem would be solved. This issue won't be decided by the camp that shouts
> loudest.*** Anytime someone tries to abrogate my Bill of Rights entitlements, you can
*** be -damn- sure that it won't stop with shouting.
> Problem is, the citizens of the US are paranoid about their Government and, likewise,
> the US Govt is terrified of the people it is supposed to be governing.*** All governed people should always be, at a minimum, suspicious, about what
*** laws are being enacted, especially ones designed to "protect" them.
*** As for the U.S. government being "terrified" of their citizens, I'm inclined
*** to doubt it, but would be delighted if it's true.
*** I can remember the quote, but unfortunately, not the author of:
*** "Government makes a poor servant and a terrible master".
*** I think that about sums it up.