modem settings

James (
Sat, 02 Mar 1996 00:49:06 +0000

Recently I read the owners manual for my modem. A Line Link 144e In
it it said that it achieved speeds up to 53700 kbps Previously any
attempt to set the modem above 19200 would result in the modem not
working at all. But in the book it said that if your ISP was set up
for it you could change the settings in the ppp cts & rts or something
to that effect. And after all of that you could connec. I realize
that It is not really transmiitting at 53700 but it could reach burst
speeds approaching that. Anyhow Ive done thins and my modem seems to
work fine. It also appears to load web page images and web pages
faster. My question is hoow does this effect cu see me.