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>Ken Coen <>
>I'm new to this list, and already I've got questions that I and our
>technologist can seem to figure out. I teach at Ellison High School in
>Killeen, Texas. I have version ppc.0.80b2, and have been trying to
>vconference, but without much success. My questions:
>1. I tried to apply version 0.83b3 (PPC).bin, but could not, even when using
>Simple Text.

You need MacBinaryII to decode a ".bin" file. It is shareware so you can
download from a site. Don't forget to download the Talk Plug-In at the
Cornell site as well.

>a. Is this the latest version, and what can I do to launch it?

Decode it and double click on it.

>b. Is there a more recent, enhanced version that is available? If there is ,
>is it free for schools?

Not yet.

>2. The schools with whom I try to vconference are not able to hear my audio.
>Video is fine, but no sound. Under Conference I open up the Audio Window. In
>the Audio Window there are four boxes: Push To Talk, Send, Rec , and
>Lurkers. There is also a michrophone and monitor icon. But, I don't know
>what I'm supposed to push in order to talk. Nor do I know which box I'm
>supposed to put an "x", or should I put an "x" in all of them? And I have no
>idea what "Lurkers" means. I've put x's in varions combinations, but nothing
>seems to be the right combination.
>What should I be doing???

You click on the "Push to Talk" button to talk. However if your
connection is 28.8k or less, you can expect very little success in audio.
Your connection is too slow. The microphone and speaker buttons turn on
your ability to talk and hear audio. The Lurkers button allows you turn
on and off audio from lurkers.

>:-) Ken Coen <>


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