White Pine ver.2 audio vs.Cornell 84b7

Hal Pressman (halpress@ix.netcom.com)
Sat, 2 Mar 1996 11:56:28 -0500

I have been testing White Pine ver 2 and overall find it a nice
package-EXCEPT for the audio. On a one to one connection with a
friend who was using Cornell 84b7, his audio was loud and clear while
mine was sometimes broken up and always clipped at the end of a
sentence.This was true even when we connected to a reflector . I then
switched to my Cornell version 84b7 and my audio was as good as his.
On the White Pine ver 2, I used Delta -Mod (16kbps) compression codec
as Digitalk (8.5kbps) did not work at all . I tried various
transmission caps , mostly 12kbps max and 10kbps min. We both are
using 28800 modems. I noticed in the audio window when I transmitted
on the White Pine ver 2 , the green audio indicator turned yellow
after I started transmitting which indicates a compression problem.
I am running a 486 DX100 with 8mgs Ram and a large hard drive.
Would greatly appreciate any ideas or suggestions by direct email or
by posting to this list. Thanks, in advance for your help.
Hal Pressman (halpress@ix.netcom.com)