Slide Window

Barbara M. Gleason (
Sun, 3 Mar 1996 13:59:14 -0800

HI. Haven't ask a question in two months, so here goes...

My CUSM program has a "Slide Window?" (I have Mac.) I tried
connecting to "self) just to test it. I then opened the Slide Window and
it led me to the hard drive. I tried to select something "LOCAL" from the
hard drive (like a picture to put in the slide window), but every folder I
opened showed as empty (nothing to select (text or picture). Does anyone
know what the Slide Window is for?

I see the CUSM FAQ states it is "for large hi-rez still images."
What are they? I have many photos on my hard drive that are Photoshop
and/or PhotoFlash taken with my Apple QuickTake 150. Do these photos
come under that description? If not, what pictures are considered

I was good and did my homework before coming to this list and first
read the chapter from Michael Sattler's book, but, he states the pictures
should be JPEG (mine are)....I need QuickTime...(I have it) states I
need Apple Multimedia Tuner and PowerPlug....(I have a PowerMac and
Multimedia Workshop (?? no good?))...I have Avid VideoShop=AE PowerPlug and
QuickTime PowerPlug....(?? no good??)

Maybe its because I can't connect to "self" to test this? Ugh! Hel=
Thank you.