Re: Dwindling System Resources

Joel Rittvo (
Mon, 4 Mar 1996 01:23:29 -0500

>Has anyone else noticed that, with the passage of connect time to a
>reflector or several successive reflectors during a CUSEEME session, Windows
>System Resources slowly drain away. I am using the White Pine Enhanced
>version and have noticed that, depending on how long I stay connected,
>System Resources can reach the single digits and a disconnect and Windows
>exit is necessary to restore them. Available "memory" does not seem to be
>affected -- just System Resources.
>Am I alone in noticing this?

Same thing happens to me, Rob. It's tempting me to switch from Win3.1 to
Win95 which I believe does not have the 64K limit on system resources. I
thought for a while that it was the chat window eating it up, but I've run
without it open and the same thing happens. It may be the participants
window. Yours is the first post I've seen on this. I hope White Pine is
reading, as this was not a problem in earlier versions.

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