dim quickcam on PowerMac with CU-SeeMe

Scott Mueller (smueller@hub.impulse.net)
Mon, 04 Mar 1996 04:30:45 -0800

If anybody can email me back, I would be most obliged.

My problem is that when I try to videoconference with CU-SeeMe, my video
gets so dim that nobody, including myself, can see me. I try to load up
quickpict or the included video program for the quickcam in order to
brighten the image up. I then quit the program and reload it to see if
my image is still bright. It is still bright, so I quit again and
reload CU-SeeMe. However, CU-SeeMe ALWAYS makes that brightness slider
go to the middle!? No matter how I set it before I load CU-SeeMe.

I am using a PowerMac 7200/90 with 512k cache, 24meg RAM, Open Transport
1.1 beta (I used 1.07 before), system 7.5.2, 28.8 PPP. CU-SeeMe did
work before (a long time ago). I don't know what's possibly different
this time, maybe the newer 0.83b3 version?

Please help! Has anyone else had this problem?

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