Re: help please for QuickCam and LPT1 port ! (new test !)

Mon, 04 Mar 96 07:18:23 EST


I had the same problem. In my case, the connector used as an
extension on the parallel port connected to the QuickCam parallel
port connector was not correct.

The extension caused the software not to find LPT1. If you are
using an extension due to the size of the QuickCam parallel port
connector not having enough room to fit in next to another port,
e.g., a serial/mouse port, insure it's not a null modem (or other)
similar type connector.

I'm now using a short ribbon connector which you can get an any PC
repair office.

Hope that helps you and others.


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Subject: help please for QuickCam and LPT1 port ! (new test !)
Author: at SMTPLINK-Fmso
Date: 3/2/96 12:19 AM

Hello again,

just to tell that I have tested my nexw QuickCam on another Pc (486DX2), and
I have the same problem (and same error message).

So I think that the QuickCam has a hard default.

I will try to change it to the store when the sun will be up (in 7 hours...)

many thanks for all the people who send me some help !

I will kepp you informed,

see You !


my first message :


I have just bought a wondefull QuickCam for windows this afternoon !

I was very happy until I see the following message :

"QuickCam not found on any LPT port !
Do you wish to continue ?"

when I launch the QuickPick program !!!!

How disappointed am I !!

I re-installed the software, chexk again all the connexions, cables, but I
can not found anything explainig why it is not working.

I have re-tested the parallel port, which is LPT1, it works ok with my laser

I have only one // port (LPT1).

When launch QuickPict and I go in the Help about I can see :
QuickCam Connexion : LPT1, bidirectional.

Do you think that it means it recognize the LPT1 port, which is in reality a
bidirectional port ?

That means also that the QuickCam is not working due to a bad camera ?

My camera has a number LKD2101B, which is on a little stamp near the cable

My machine is a Pentium P90, with Windows 3.11, with 32 Mo, memory 116 127
Ko free.

QuickCam software is QuickPict for QuickCam version 1.1.

The Windeo for Windows is working ok. I have also tested with the Quickmovie
program, in playback mode of course.

Do you think I need to change back my QuickCam for a new one ?

Many thanks for your help,

Daniel Lalune


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