Re: Dwindling System Resources

Andrew Germaine (
Mon, 4 Mar 1996 09:11:08 -0500 (EST)

No, youre not alone. I run WP v2.0 on a 486dx/33 with 8mb of memory and
it starts off at a "normal" pace for a 486/33 but after playing for some
time (maybe an hour) i see that the system performance drops drastically.
Sometimes it may even get to the point where cuseeme crashes, but that is
a rare occurance. I havent looked into it to the point of finding of its
memory or system resources that drop but i see something happenin..

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On Sun, 3 Mar 1996, Rob Fleetwood wrote:

> Has anyone else noticed that, with the passage of connect time to a
> reflector or several successive reflectors during a CUSEEME session, Windows
> System Resources slowly drain away. I am using the White Pine Enhanced
> version and have noticed that, depending on how long I stay connected,
> System Resources can reach the single digits and a disconnect and Windows
> exit is necessary to restore them. Available "memory" does not seem to be
> affected -- just System Resources.
> Am I alone in noticing this?
> Rob