Re: Dwindling System Resources

Jonathan Day (
Mon, 04 Mar 1996 17:22:08 +0000

Joel Rittvo wrote:
> Same thing happens to me, Rob. It's tempting me to switch from Win3.1 to
> Win95 which I believe does not have the 64K limit on system resources. I
> thought for a while that it was the chat window eating it up, but I've run
> without it open and the same thing happens. It may be the participants
> window. Yours is the first post I've seen on this. I hope White Pine is
> reading, as this was not a problem in earlier versions.

>From what I hear, Windows 3.1 system resource management is massively
bug-ridden. (More so than the rest of Win 3.1!) Have Microsoft produced
any patches for it? (Or anyone else, for that matter?) If so, do those
solve this problem?