Does anyone?

Fredd G. Rundevold (
Mon, 04 Mar 1996 23:17:13 +0100

Does anyone know something about using a miroVIDEO DC1 card together
with CuSeeMe?

I have just downloaded the last ver.(084b7) and tryed to connect to a
reflector. I got connected OK - but i did not get any video. My own
screen was grey with moving stripes!

The video capture card works fine by itself.

When I start CU-SeeMe I get two "Unsupported function" messages then I
get the video screen with nothing but snow.

I have tried adjusting the setting but nothing seems to work.
Any thoughts???

My computer is a Pentium 90 running Win95 and with a Soundblaster16 -
and I am using a Hitachi H70E camcorder.