no audio on a Mac Quadra 660AV

craig staude (
Mon, 4 Mar 96 18:59:57 -0800

This is my first time on this list-server. Hope I'm not asking a well-worn
question, but...
Is the standard Apple microphone that comes with a Quadra 660AV not compatible
with CU-seeme (version 0.83b2)? The microphone works fine for recording with
the Sound control panel and with Adobe Premiere, but CU-seeme gives an error
message on start-up that it cannot detect a sound input device, and puts a
cross-out symbol on the microphone icon.
I can sometimes hear sound from other sites, but usually it is quite garbled.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. I did check a small FAQ on the Cornell
web site with no luck. Is there another source of FAQ for CU-seeme?
Craig Staude
University of Washington