Recap of Richard Boulanger at NYU

Susan Jacobson (jacobson@is.NYU.EDU)
Mon, 4 Mar 1996 21:33:58 -0500 (EST)

Hi there!

I just spent the evening broadcasting Richard Boulanger's concert from NYU
to the Internet via the NYU reflector. I noticed a few things, that I=20
thought I would ask the list about.

=09=A5 The guys with 28.8 modem connections could not hear (but they=20
=09could see). Briefly, the guy with a 28.8 connection with a Mac could=20
=09hear, but not the guy with a 28.8 and a PC (he was using White Pine).

=09=A5=CAThe guy with a T1 connection could hear us just fine.

What can I do in this instance?? The audio was probably more important than
the video (although the video was important, too). Could I have gotten=20
better transmission/reception success with audio if I had turned off the=20
video somehow?? I had the settings set to 10 min, 90 max on the defaults fo=
transmission. I was told this was the thing to do.

Also, the reflector crashed midway, and seemed to bump people off from time
to time. Are there some CUSeeMe reflector settings that will limit the=20
number of participants, the amount of time any participant can stay on,=20
and the transmission rates? Can they be optimized for audio or video??

Any info you have on this subject would be greatly appreciated.
Also, has anyone run CUSeeMe in conjunction with a RealAudio server?
As an audience member, can I have both apps open at the same time??


Susan Jacobson