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Mike Stubblefield (
Mon, 4 Mar 1996 23:59:27 -0600

Well, it only had to be a matter of time before someone would get =
offended that they would go to a reflector and see people showing each =
other their personal and private parts. You know, if you are one of =
those that run a reflector and "don't want ANY kind of behavior except =
everyone staring at the screen like I have seen at some "EDUCATIONAL" =
sites. Now what good does that do? well, it shows a bunch of faces... =
and to a bunch of computer nerds, that may be fun...

If there are those out there that want to do the kinds of things this =
article was complaining about on public reflectors and the reflector =
admins don't want to let others see that, then TAKE THE G@#(()#( =
D((#)#_@( reflector offline and rue the very day you put it up. At =
least those who found the reflectors fun to show each others sex organs =
have found something useful to do with it...

Bottom line: if you don't like nudity, don't get the books, magazines, =
videos or cuseeme reflector sites that show it. The responsiblity has to =
lie with the individual viewing...

my two cents worth and someone who plays on the sex reflectors quite =
often and has fun doing it - and is not disuaded or shamed or anything =
by a bunch of sexually uptight computer nerds who are generally socially =

From: Bill Woodland[]
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Subject: Re: Porn using Cu-Seeme

>Date: Sat, 02 Mar 1996 15:10:49 -0500
>From: (R.S. [Bob] Heuman)
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>Subject: Porn using Cu-Seeme
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>Will all those complaining about the availability of 'porn' or nudity =
>Cu-Seeme reflectors be kind enough to provide specific addresses so =
>the rest of us can:
>a) view said proported to be offensive to some screens, and
>b) make up our own minds on whether or not to be offended, and
>c) determine for ourselves if this material offends OUR community
> standards.
>Otherwise we are left in the "dark" on this entire issue....
>Anyone then not interested in viewing this material can then know where =
>to go to be offended, if it is, indeed, offensive material.
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Or at least we would all know where the sex sites are, if that's what we =
looking for! Yea, sure, Bob :-)

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