Re: CU-SeeMe and Talk

Dan Simonson (
Mon, 4 Mar 1996 22:08:18 -0800


"Talk" is an "add-in" that came with the version of cu-seeme that I
downloaded. It is a separate file, and when you put it in the same folder
with the program, it shows up on your menubar. It enables you to "chat"
with others, even if you or they don't have video or audio. So to answer
your question, I would just download it from the ftp site. If you can't
see it, perhaps it is bundled in with the whole program and you have to
download the whole thing to get it.

>I have been having others in the cu-seeme vidverse mention the "Talk" menu
>One (Martyne) also mentioned that it is available where I ftp'd CU-SeeMe
>for the Mac. I cannot find it. Could someone please tell where I can ftp
>the software
>for Talk?
>Thanks, Darrell Kitchen

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