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Tue, 5 Mar 1996 07:11:57 -0800

Hi all,

I really hated adding to this ridiculous stream, but I'm tired of people
arguing 2 very different points of view (flashers vs. adult reflectors).

1. People are concerned about flashers, not so much adult reflectors.
2. Flashers are people who expose themselves on G-rated reflectors.
3. G, R or X rated reflector sites should be labled appropriately
4. Users who don't want to see R or X rated material will/should not
connect to a reflector labelled as such.
5. Reflector Operators have various means of dealing with flashers to
prevent them from returning (yes, the damage has been done already by that
6. Reflector Operators can use various means (Conf ID, Password) to limit
"registered" users to their site (a shame that the innocent have to pay due
to the guilty, but isn't that american law?? :) ).
7. Some adult reflectors (or so I'm told ;) ), use the items mentioned in
item 6 themselves to restrict access.

Hope this doen't fuel the fire, but helps extiguish it.

This should probably be taken offline or posted to the reflector eMail list
as it really could use some activity :)


>Well, it only had to be a matter of time before someone would get offended
>that they would go to a reflector and see people showing each other their
>personal and private parts. You know, if you are one of those that run a
>reflector and "don't want ANY kind of behavior except everyone staring at
>the screen like I have seen at some "EDUCATIONAL" sites. Now what good
>does that do? well, it shows a bunch of faces... and to a bunch of
>computer nerds, that may be fun...
>If there are those out there that want to do the kinds of things this
>article was complaining about on public reflectors and the reflector
>admins don't want to let others see that, then TAKE THE G@#(()#(
>D((#)#_@( reflector offline and rue the very day you put it up. At
>least those who found the reflectors fun to show each others sex organs
>have found something useful to do with it...
>Bottom line: if you don't like nudity, don't get the books, magazines,
>videos or cuseeme reflector sites that show it. The responsiblity has to
>lie with the individual viewing...
>my two cents worth and someone who plays on the sex reflectors quite often
>and has fun doing it - and is not disuaded or shamed or anything by a
>bunch of sexually uptight computer nerds who are generally socially
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>>Subject: Porn using Cu-Seeme
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>>Will all those complaining about the availability of 'porn' or nudity via
>>Cu-Seeme reflectors be kind enough to provide specific addresses so that
>>the rest of us can:
>>a) view said proported to be offensive to some screens, and
>>b) make up our own minds on whether or not to be offended, and
>>c) determine for ourselves if this material offends OUR community
>> standards.
>>Otherwise we are left in the "dark" on this entire issue....
>>Anyone then not interested in viewing this material can then know where not
>>to go to be offended, if it is, indeed, offensive material.
>>R.S. (Bob) Heuman Willowdale, ON. Canada
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>> <> or <>
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>> If this message is illegal where you are, do not read it.
>Or at least we would all know where the sex sites are, if that's what we ARE
>looking for! Yea, sure, Bob :-)
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