Re: Porn using Cu-Seeme

Sgt Daniel W. Erskine (
Tue, 05 Mar 1996 09:36:15 -0800

R.S. [Bob] Heuman wrote:
> Will all those complaining about the availability of 'porn' or nudity via
> Cu-Seeme reflectors be kind enough to provide specific addresses so that
> the rest of us can:
> a) view said proported to be offensive to some screens, and
> b) make up our own minds on whether or not to be offended, and
> c) determine for ourselves if this material offends OUR community
> standards.
> Otherwise we are left in the "dark" on this entire issue....
> Anyone then not interested in viewing this material can then know where not
> to go to be offended, if it is, indeed, offensive material.
> R.S. (Bob) Heuman Willowdale, ON. Canada

How's this for a prospective:

OFFENSIVE: Mannerisms, jestures, language, or any other form of ludeness that
someone would send to a public (or G-rated) reflector, but would NEVER... EVER
do on the streets, especially with children around!!!
Let's use some common-sense, people! Exhibitionism on a public reflector is
about as right (if not as legal) as flashing people on a crowded street corner!
...And I KNOW someone will try and *shoot me* down for this. Refering to the
"Vietnam War" era "hippy days", with free love and all. Streakers and "mooning"
was the "in" thing. Heck, I'm only 30! I missed the '60s boat, and so did the
rest of us! And now that the boat has docked, "All ashore that's go'in ashore!"
...Now, I never said anything about "group-gropes" or voyerism! So let's talk
about them! How many of you "high school-to-college" people out there think
it's the "in-thing" to include "children" at your parties? Hey! I was also a
college guy, and I once hosted a party that lasted 3 weeks, 24 hours a day!!!
Each room had it's own "forum", and nobody under 15 was allowed to "play"!!!
Hell, we even had the local police join in, when they got off-duty! Atleast WE
had *some* sense of "standards" and "self-respect" (liberally put, albeit)!
So what's the problem with ensuring the *security* and *standards* of G-rated
reflectors? What's the problem with hosting your OWN forum to exploit your own
"pleasures", and keeping the children away from it?
If people would maintain their standards in "virtual reality" the same as
they do in "reality", the Communications Descency Act (C.D.A.) would not have
the power to exist!!! Nor would those "right-wing conservatives" have the power
over our "freedom of expression"!

Good day, all!
"THERE IS NO SANITY... Just organized CHAOS!!!"


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