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Andrew Germaine (
Tue, 5 Mar 1996 11:49:27 -0500 (EST)

I answered my own questions with a little free time and research.
A LYCOS search of "capscrn" resulted in:

MS 'capscrn' utility
Howell, Burgess (
Fri, 17 Nov 95 11:05:00 PST
According to an email I just got from Microsoft, the Multimedia JumpStartCD
is no longer being distributed. The utilities (including 'capscrn' for
recording video sessions) are available from in the
/developr/drg/multimedia directory.

This is indeed still true and you will find a file SCRCAP.ZIP
which when unzipped contains some .dll's and the help file and binary.

You *MUST* (with win95 at least) edit your SYSTEM.INI and add another video
driver under the [DRIVERS] section. "MSVIDEO=scrncap.drv" if you have no
other devices, otherwise it may look like mine:


And POOF! Reboot and everything works GREAT!!

Now, one problem I ran into was when I ran scrncap and tried to define
the capture area (hit the right mouse botton on the taskbar icon), it didnt
work. So I went into Cu-Seeme, chose the
capscrn as my driver, APPLYed it, and then used FORMAT to set the area. I
then switched back to my quickcam, quit cuseeme, ran capscrn on its own,
and then i was able to define the area again.

Good Luck! This is a great way to capture cuseeme video windows to a file.

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