Re: Porn using Cu-Seeme

Jonathan Day (
Tue, 05 Mar 1996 17:52:01 +0000

Mike Stubblefield wrote:
> And see, here is where the misunderstanding is. I don't go to reflectors that request in the
> motd that the content be kept clean and do things that would other

*sighs as the lines get chewed by the mailier again*

You find the clean sites boring, so avoid them, but find the sexual sites interesting and
go there.

I find the sexual sites offensive, so acoid them, but find the social sites interesting, so
go there.

We both get the sorts of sites we want and we're both happy. That's wonderful. IMHO, that's
the ideal - everyone gets the material they like & nobody need upset anyone.

> I was merely making a point that it seems that there are a bunch of people in this industry
> who are so sexually uptight that they take great umbrage that anyon

There are plenty who regard me as uptight. To a large degree, they'd be right. But the only
space I have - or want - any say over is my own. The same applies to everyone else. So long
as nothing unwelcome impinges on my space, what others do in the privacy of their own
reflectors is their concern.