Re: Reflector Problem...

Brian O'Shea (
Tue, 05 Mar 1996 15:48:32 -0500

>REGARDING Reflector Problem...
>I have a linux 1.2.13 machine running the reflector versions 4.00b2
>(and I have tried 4.00b3 as well).
>I launch reflect, wait for a while, and after a few connections from
>others, I get the following message:
>recvfrom error on vid_sock : Connection refused: FATAL ERR
>; and the reflect program quits. Do I need some other libraries, or
>am I doing something wrong?

While I was adding features to the 4.0B3 baseline for the 1.0 release of the
commercial reflector, I found a bunch of "byte-swap" issues, and some weird
system call behavior with Linux. We have several Linux Beta sites running
this software, and there are no more platform specific problems that I know
of. The commercial version of the Unix reflector will be available before the
end of the month. The Windows NT/95 reflector will be a few weeks later,
although we might put a Beta version of the Windows reflector on the FTP site
for the general public.

So, bottom line, 4.0B2 and 4.0B3 for Linux are unstable and buggy. Commercial
version works well, and will be available soon.

I have no idea how much it will cost, but you will be able to purchase based
on the number of users you want to support, which is based on the license
number. You can purchase a 10 user license, and if you find that's not
enough, upgrade to a 15, 20 or 100 user by just getting a new license #.


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