Re: Porn using Cu-Seeme... ENOUGH !!!!

Laurent-David HASSON (
Tue, 05 Mar 1996 15:10:16 -0500

Can we stop this thread? It is becoming annoying already!

I think the bottom line is:

- If a reflector says that it is G-Rated or does not welcome sexual
content, please respect that. You would not show your ass in a public place
(especially with this weather) would you?

- If you are offended by sexual content, then do not watch... There are
refs that have sexual content... If you do not like that, then go to another
ref. But if you think that you can just try to "outlaw" them, then i think
you are seriously mistaken. As if the prohibition did stop people from
drinking! Yeah right!

- Finally, asking for a list of sites in order to get material to complain
about is simply childish and very dumb... As if we did not realize that what
you wanted in fact was sites to look at! Such bigotry!