Re: Dwindling System Resources

Laurent-David HASSON (
Tue, 05 Mar 1996 15:10:13 -0500

At 01:23 03/04/96 -0500, Joel Rittvo wrote:
>>Has anyone else noticed that, with the passage of connect time to a
>>reflector or several successive reflectors during a CUSEEME session, Windows
>>System Resources slowly drain away. I am using the White Pine Enhanced
>>version and have noticed that, depending on how long I stay connected,
>>System Resources can reach the single digits and a disconnect and Windows
>>exit is necessary to restore them. Available "memory" does not seem to be
>>affected -- just System Resources.
>>Am I alone in noticing this?
>Same thing happens to me, Rob. It's tempting me to switch from Win3.1 to
>Win95 which I believe does not have the 64K limit on system resources. I
>thought for a while that it was the chat window eating it up, but I've run
>without it open and the same thing happens. It may be the participants
>window. Yours is the first post I've seen on this. I hope White Pine is
>reading, as this was not a problem in earlier versions.

Huh... This is not true... Win'95 has more vailable resources, but i am
having the same problem in the long run as well. This is surprising because
Win32 apps (which i think white Pine is) should be "protected" against
resource leaks.

But there is defenitly a problem here.